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DIY | Beautiful Hanging Plants Ideas!

DIY | Beautiful Hanging Plants Ideas | Creative DIY Project Ideas

The creative ideas we’ve gathered for you are just right for any size space.

A beautiful garden idea that can adorn your wall indoors. You can gift this garden to someone too!

Not all of the plants in your garden or yard are required to be on the ground.

DIY Project Details:

Repurposed Soda Bottles…Vertical garden ideas with hanging two-liter bottles filled with plants.

Projects that recycle or repurpose common products such as plastic soda bottles proliferate on sites such as Instagram and Pinterest.

This variation of the pop bottle plant container features an alternative way to hang them, using monofilament (fishing wire) or regular wire and anchoring the planters to a wood frame or other overhead structure.

How do you make a hanging garden out of a plastic bottle?

DIY Project Details:

To start you off on your hanging garden, you will need some essential materials as listed below:

Four plastic bottles. Old two-liter soda bottles are perfect.

A skewer


Hardened paper. An old cereal box will do just fine.

A pair of scissors

Gardening soil. You can get this from a flower store or dig some dirt from your yard.


Step 1

Cut the bottles horizontally on one side and remove the extra piece. The final result should resemble a water trough like the one used by animals on farms.

The plants will grow out from here, and it needs to be large enough for you to be able to work. The area between the neck of the bottle and the base is large enough for this space. Ensure the bottle cap is still on to prevent the soil from draining out once you fill it in

DIY Project Details:

Step 2

Poke holes along the side and base of the container to provide drainage holes. Pass the string through the holes closest to the ends.

These will be used to hang your garden. Line the interior of the bottle with the paper and then fill in the gardening soil.

Step 3

Transplant your seedlings into the new garden and then add the required amount of water. Hand the plastic garden to whatever area that you see fit around your home.

Wall pocket garden with three rows of plants mounted on a wall.

To get started at home, try out wall container systems in which plants are fitted in crevices or planted in containers that allow them to grow vertically and cover all or part of the wall.

Succulent outdoor wall. Most succulents are drought tolerant and don’t require regular water, making them a sturdy species for living or vertical walls. With their rich colors, textures, and fascinating shapes, succulents make a beautiful medium for living-wall art or tapestries.

Wall Planters

DIY Project Details:

Bare exterior stucco walls without windows can be made more interesting with the addition of a vertical wall planter. Make sure the planter is sturdy enough to hang on a wall and has a flat back. Use the container rule of thrillers, fillers, and spillers for a wall vase or pot.

Thrillers are taller, visually striking plants that go in the center or toward the back of a container and can be viewed from all angles And they can crawl up.

DIY Project Details:


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