DIY | Quick Ways to Refresh Your Home on a Budget  | Creative DIY Project Ideas

DIY | Easy Ways to Refresh Your Home on a Budget | Homemade DIY Projects

If you’re ready to fall in love with your home all over again, be sure to add the following:

Clean up your kitchen cabinets. Spruce up cabinets with a fresh coat of paint or stain spruce up your front door — things like a fresh coat of paint, a new knocker, or even a shiny knob work wonders.

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Give Love to Your Walls. Refresh your walls with vibrant colors. Pick a room in your home and designate it the “summer room.

” Repaint, refresh and rejuvenate the walls with a luscious, incredible hue found in vibrant summer bloom. Muted yellows, soft blues, and vibrant greens are great choices.

 Recycle fabrics and textiles. Lighten up any room by trading heavy fabrics for light and airy ones.

 In the living room, for example, take down your old drapes and replace them with an open weave such as chiffon or organza.

Change out dark throw pillows and slipcovers by adding crisp white, bright solid, or even modern, floral patterns.

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Bring the beach into your home in a simple way. Buy some synthetic coral from your local aquarium or fish store.

 It lasts longer than real coral, is more eco-friendly, comes in amazing colors, and costs a lot less.

Try mounting coral on wooden stands, framing them, or using them as centerpieces for your dining room table. Or try a giant clamshell as a decorative bowl.

 Fix up an old ceiling fan. Have new blades installed, or just clean out and repaint the old ones.

Not only will the fan look more attractive, but your air quality will also improve.

Let the sunshine in. The strategic placement of a mirror can add an enormous amount of natural light in your home.

 If possible, hang a large mirror in the living room directly where the sunbeams in. In addition to bouncing light, it creates virtual space and overall appeal to a small room.

Replace Your Hardware, Kitchen Cabinets, and Hardware

like a new faucet, and even door handle hardware can make on your overall aesthetic. And your options for this are both endless and affordable.

DIY Project Details:

A statement wall is a killer way to make a major change without spending much time or effort to do it. And they have a special knack for making your design look more rich and dynamic.

you can simply paint one wall your favorite color. If you’re worried about making a commitment you might regret, then consider that there are a ton of beautiful removable wallpaper options out there that you can take advantage of without committing too much.

Update Your Window Treatments, Window Treatments in Living Room

If your room is a photo, your window treatments are the frame, so switching these up is a super simple move that can completely transform the look of your space.

Throw Pillows in Living Room. Throw pillows are basically makeup for your living room—you can switch and swap them depending on your mood and the season, and the effect is nothing short of transformative.

If your space is feeling a little dull, consider adding a few pillows in vibrant colors to bring more uplifting vibes. And if you’re moving toward a boho aesthetic, then adding pillows featuring organic hues and textures, like these from Kaekoo Shop, is a great way to go.

DIY Project Details:

Bring in a New Rug. Rugs have a special ability to add warmth and definition to the spaces they’re in. So, if you’re looking to redefine your space, there’s no better way to do it than with a new area rug.

You can artfully arrange a few floating shelves to showcase some of your favorite knick-knacks, add a big piece of statement art, or create a chic and sophisticated gallery wall.

Change Up Your Bedding. Your bed is essentially the centerpiece of your bedroom. Therefore, if you’re looking to bring some more life to your bedroom design, then there’s no better way to do it than by updating your bedding.

DIY Project Details:

 DIY | Cheap Redesign Tips  | Creative DIY Project Ideas

IKEA sells ridiculously affordable sheepskin rugs that you can use to transform ordinary barstools, chairs, and sofas into luxe, Scandinavian-inspired pieces. We love the look of the wool in contrast with industrial, iron furnishings.

Download Apps…Shop pre-owned furnishings and décor on mobile apps like OfferUp and LetGo. They make finding used pieces at low prices almost too easy.

On the spectrum of home décor styles, eclectic designs are often the easiest to replicate.

Why? The look is all about mixing—and not matching. Since there’s no need to find a specific side table, or that exact shade of blue, shopping for furniture and décor will be much more affordable.

Shop on Craigslist…You can find great deals for pieces on Craigslist for a number of reasons: Sellers don’t know the value, sellers are eager to sell, stores are liquidating, or something is brand new and strategically listed for less than retail.

Update Your Kitchen Hardware…Purchasing and installing stylish hardware is an affordable way to make your kitchen feel brand new overnight. Head to CB2, West Elm, Target, or Home Depot for handles and knobs that will transform your space on a budget.

Install Sconces…Replacing a few lamps with plug-in sconces is a task that’s so much simpler than it sounds. Plus, you’ll be left with a more modern look that you can personalize to your liking.

Stock Up on Candles…Candles are an affordable feature that can seriously shift the mood and atmosphere of space for the better. For a really elevated look, search for candles that come in stylish holders rather than those with loud labels.

DIY Project Details:

Hang a New Shower Curtain…An often underrated piece of décor, the shower curtain is likely the most decorative item in your bathroom. If space is feeling dated, start by searching for a new curtain to hang.

Add a Table Runner to Your Dining Room Table…When a bare dining table feels too minimal but a tablecloth seems too formal, opt for a simple table runner. It’s a small (and usually pretty cheap) accessory that instantly dresses up the dining room for any event.

If you live in an apartment or a small house, it might be worth rethinking how you use your square footage to give yourself as much open space as possible. “Space is the biggest luxury,” she says. “But you can create space, or the illusion of space, by moving things around.”

If there are pieces of furniture or household items that you don’t use and are taking up space, think about moving them out of the way. You could store them in an attic or garage, or put under your bed or in your closet. The same goes for items on countertops and tables—try to clear unnecessary stuff off so you feel like there’s more empty space.

DIY Project Details:

Add Trim to Your Curtains

Instead of buying new curtains, invest in what you already own by adding an iron-on trim to basic curtain panels.

Paint the Floors…A good floor paint won’t cost you much more than any regular interior paint and you can use it to create the look of linoleum or vinyl floors at a fraction of the cost.

Garage and estate sales are great places to score cheap home décor and furniture, but stumbling upon one is a rarity. If you have the time (and energy), you can track down nearby garage sales and map out their locations on a Friday night so you’re prepared for the Saturday morning rush. Don’t forget to bring cash!

Pick Out a New Lamp Shade

This small detail can make a big difference. Treat yourself to a fresh lampshade to give new life to an older piece.

Invest In Chic Kitchen Storage

DIY Project Details:

Keeping your pasta, rice, cereal, and other pantry items in stylish glass or plastic containers are sure to make you feel like you have your life together. Whether tucked away or on display, they look pretty good, too.

Upgrade Your Bedding

You don’t have to replace everything, but even something as simple as a new duvet cover can give your bedroom a contemporary look.

Reorganize Your Bookshelf

If your bookshelf has deteriorated into a place to hold anything and everything you don’t have a designated place for, it’s time to purge. Get rid of the clutter and then have fun with the way you organize what’s left. Perhaps you stack your books according to color or spruce things up with some new bookends.

Add a Rug

While a rug may seem like a major investment, you’d be surprised how many cheap options are hiding at retailers like Target, Wayfair, and Amazon.

Use a Chair as an End Table

If you have an old chair that no longer fits in with the rest of your décor, repurpose it as a nightstand or end table. You can even give it a fresh coat of paint to make it work in the new setting.

DIY Project Details:

Buy Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers instantly bring a home to life with their vibrant colors, fragrant scent, and sophisticated look. Invest in a nice vase and replenish your bunch with a few extra bucks at the market each week.

Frame Family Photos

Turn your personal memories into art by printing out a few photos on high-quality materials and styling them with nice frames. Make a gallery wall or simply display a few shots on a console table or bookshelf.

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