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Everyone loves a deal, but the cheapest bidder is not always the best. How are they doing the job at that cost and staying in business?

Are they using low-quality materials that will just have to be replaced again in a short period of time? Possibly they don’t really understand the job and hence have underbid it.

The opposite is also true, they may come in on the extreme high end of your quotes.

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This may suggest a new or different work method, or it may be the choice of fixtures or material you have chosen.

Sometimes, businesses are short-staffed and have to pay overtime to get your job done in a timely manner.

Trust your gut, if it doesn’t feel right chances are it is not right.

It is always best to know someone who knows someone. In today’s day and age, post the question on social media, and see who your friends or neighbors have used.

The veil of anonymity of Facebook and Instagram almost guarantees you will get honest answers.

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You can also ask another tradesman. Maybe you have an electrician you love, chances are they know a plumber they respect and can recommend. 

You may even get a discount if the pair regularly refer to each other.

Always check the price that each plumbing company offers before making a final decision. 

Any professional plumbing business should be able to give you an accurate estimate for their service before they take on their job. 

Some companies will even offer competitive prices without jeopardizing the quality of their service.

Another thing to be mindful of is never to choose a plumbing company that will make you pay upfront before they start their job. 

They usually promise the types of service that seem like a miracle and is likely not a trustworthy service.

Always search for the plumber’s references and reviews before making contact with them.

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No professional plumbing company should have any viable reason to hide their reviews from the public.

Ask How many experiences the Plumber Doing Your Job Has

Talk to Different Plumbers. Before deciding on the right plumber for the job, it’s in your best interest to do some research and speak with plumbers from different companies.

 A simple phone call will give you an idea of what the individual is like, what the company values are, and what kind of service you can expect.

 You can learn a lot about a person during a five-minute chat.

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Inquire about Work Guarantees. No matter what kind of plumbing work you are having done, it should be backed by a full warranty.

 If a plumber suggests that their work or the materials they are working with are not covered for a substantial period of time, you may want to consider looking for services elsewhere.

Ask Other Professionals. If you live in a small town or remote area, Online information about plumbing services may be sparse.

To learn which plumbers are highly recommended, ask other professionals, like HVAC technicians or electricians, for their opinions.

Consider Their Experience. As a rule of thumb, you should always hire the plumber with more experience.

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At Priority Plumbing, we have been in the business for years, and have a proven track record with past clients.

To learn more about a company’s past experience, check out their website, or browse Online for public reviews.

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